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Birthdate:Apr 16
Location:United States of America
This bio is subject to change without notice, as I frequently think of new things that should, in my opinion, be mentioined here...

I am a: Man of Mystery; Servant of Cats; God to Dogs; Ghod-knows-what to a Conure; The Giver-of-Worms-and-Crickets to a gecko; and (most importantly) Husband to Lazy Slug Woman (Whom I Adore Dearly), aka Elswwiad, but better known as Philistina de'Morte (or even Liese, for the truly Mundane...); Fhan; RenneGeek; Pyrat; Ethanol Consumer; Peasant Gourmand; Herbivore; Gun-Toting-Redneck Liberal; GamerGeek; ScienceGeek; SciffyGeek; Lots-of-other-kinds-of-Geek...

I am not a: SMOF; Republican, Libertarian, Communist, Socialist, or Fascist; Wine Snob; Trekkie, Whovian, Lurker, or Brownshirt; a country & western artist...

What I do for money isn't really important, which is good 'cuz there are some things People Really Don't Want To Know - this works out well because I hate the fact that we Americans typically define ourselves by What We Do rather than Who We Are ("Our first contestant is a lawyer, from Los Angeles, California; please welcome John Doe!")

I am sometimes known as Thinks-Too-Much, Lothar, Hosea 'Tizzy' Tisdale, The Port Royal Perverteer (or just 'You Big Perv' for short...), and 'Hey you! Wake up and get off my tavern floor!', and I've been informed that I resemble a "Medieval Roadie" or a "Klingon Motivational Speaker."

I am happy and comfortable with my personal faith - I don't need to be convinced that yours is better. Thank You. The same applies to my political leanings. But I'll happily debate beer and whiskey styles with you, if you must debate things to acheive your own personal happiness. This offer does not apply where void, taxed, licensed, or if you are a member of a 12 step program and feel that I need to be one as well. Life is too short to hold grudges, but don't tempt me...

I'm also lazy and hate to copy information down twice when I can just link to it...
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